Frequently Asked CCW/CPL Questions
By Rich Martin

Q: What is a CCW? Is there a difference between a CCW and a CPL?

A: In Michigan, a CCW (Carry a Concealed Weapon) is simply a "slang" term for a CPL (Concealed Pistol License). There are not two separate permits. A CPL will allow you to carry a concealed "loaded" pistol on your body for protection, or in a motor vehicle loaded. In short, they are one in the same.

Q: Do I have to be a good shot to take this course?

A: No. When it comes to surviving a life-threatening confrontation, 95% of the time you're going to be within in arms length. When you're this close, you're not even going to use your sights. You are pointing and shooting. It's all about technique, and muscle memory.

Q: Do I need to have a reason to obtain a CCW/CPL?

A: No. Michigan is a "shall" issue state. As long as you complete the training, do not have a severe criminal history, and meet the provisions of the act, the gun board HAS to issue you a permit. You know longer have to give a reason, or prove the need to have one.

Q: I own some property out in the country. I occasionally will take friends, family and co-workers out there to target practice. Would you be able to come to my location to conduct a class?

A: Yes. We can come to you to teach a CCW/CPL class. You will need to have a place that is safe, and legal to shoot at, and a room (basement, pole barn, large room) that is heated for the classroom portion. We will supply all of the materials, PowerPoint projector, projection screen, videos, targets and training aids.

Q: I am not sure if I am able to take this class. I am 70 yrs old, so if you require me to jump over hurdles, or run 10 feet…count me out!

A: The criminal element is generally going to attack someone that they feel is an easy target (older, handicap, etc…). That is why it is even more so a good option to have a firearm for self defense. If most shooting situations are within arms length, it does not matter. We have had students that were as young as 21, to as old as 95. We have had students carrying oxygen, to those with canes. It's all about mindset. My 82 great-grandmother slept with a .22 pearl-grip revolver under her pillow. I never came to the door after dark unannounced. Nobody messed with grandma!

Q: I live in Mackinaw City, which is in Emmet County. I will be in your area around the holidays to visit family and friends. One of your scheduled classes would fit perfectly into my schedule. Will your training still be acceptable in my home county when I go apply for my CCW/CPL?

A: Yes. The training we provide is acceptable in every Michigan county. You have to apply in the county you reside in, but the permit is valid throughout the state. We have provided training for individuals who have lived in several different counties.

Q: Does the gun that I use to take the CCW/CPL class have to be the gun I plan to carry?

A: No. For example: You can take the course with a 9mm, but your gun you plan on carrying can be a .40cal. It does not matter.

Q: Do I have to own a firearm to take the course?

A: No. We can provide you with a rental for $15.00. You only have to bring the ammo with you when you come to class.

Q: My husband is taking the class with me. Are we allowed to use the same gun?

A: Yes. We allow you to share guns (friends, co-workers, spouse). We will just put you in separate shooting groups. No more than one pistol, per two students.

Q: Once I obtain my CCW/CPL permit, can I carry in a different state?

A: For the most part. There are currently 39 states that honor Michigan's CPL permit, meaning you can carry a concealed pistol in those reciprocating states, when you obtain your Michigan permit. We cover this question in class, while also showing you a detailed map.

Q: Are there any advantages from shooting OUTDOORS versus shooting at an INDOOR range for the CCW/CPL Class?

A: (Technique) When you shoot indoors, you are limited on what type of techniques you can do. You generally have to shoot at longer distances, and generally are not able to practice close up defensive tactics; which are the most important techniques you can practice for surviving a life-threatening encounter. (Ammunition) You are also limited on what type of ammo you can use at an indoor range due to ricochet factors.

Q: Why should I choose your company over another firearms instructor to complete my training?

A: There are many CCW/CPL Instructors. Some come and go. Our company has been providing CCW/CPL training longer than anyone else in the area. We are also the most accredited, certified and experienced training team around. The local gun boards are familiar with us, and have seen our name on certificates since 2001. Our instructors have been, or have had colleagues, that have been in deadly force situations. This provides firsthand knowledge from instructors who know the psychological effects of surviving a life threatening encounter, and how important is the need for proper training. This is "street" smart, not "book" smart training. Anyone can become an instructor, but have they really been there?

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