A private investigator or professional private investigation agency are hired by individuals or companies to perform investigations. The kinds of investigations vary, as do the specialties of each investigator and agency. Professional private investigators should be trained in the most up to date and proper techniques as well as being able to utilize the suitable equipment, sources, contacts, and skills that are needed to perform their assigned investigations with positive results. Professional investigators should be apt at surveillance, interviewing, interrogating, and researching skills just to name a few. Investigators take detailed notes; have a high degree of observation and reaction skills. The ability of a professional investigator to adapt and improvise is what sets them apart.

We are a licensed private investigation firm which works diligently to provide a wide range of investigative services to its clients in areas such as business, civil process, divorce cases, litigation, insurance cases, background verification, due diligence, statewide investigations and much more.

Some of the most requested services we offer are:

  • Property / Asset Locating
  • Locate SSN's, DOB's, Driver's License No's
  • Court Record Searches
  • Locate Lost Individuals
  • Locate Relatives, Past Neighbors
  • Vehicle Registration Information
  • Background Checks
  • Marital / Infidelity
  • Surveillance

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