... for your CCW / CPL training

There are many things to consider when choosing an organization or instructor to provide you with your training. These factors will greatly determine the quality, effectiveness and your overall training experience.

Things to think about…
  • Do I go with the cheapest?
  • Am I getting what I'm paying for?
  • What is the quality of the training?
  • Am I just going through the training because I only want to get my permit?
  • Do I want to actually learn the proper techniques that could better help me survive a defensive encounter?
  • At face value, many instructors look credible and are NRA certified…however what is their background and experience?
  • Are they recognized throughout the state as a certified trainer?
  • Are you going to have trouble when applying for your permit?
  • How many students has your instructor actually trained?
  • What is the diversity of the training team?
  • How is your instructor in training new shooters?
  • Does your instructor list his/her name, credentials and background on his/her website as well as how long they have been certified to teach classes?
What you get from us…
  • Relaxed, comfortable (non-overbearing) learning environment.
  • Longest running, most experienced and established training team in Southwest Michigan.
  • Having instructors with Law Enforcement and Military backgrounds.
  • Our team holds NRA certifications that most other instructors do not, or cannot obtain.
  • Chief Instructor is the First Vice Chair of the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners, the organization that drafted the "shall issue" law in Michigan for you to obtain your CPL.
  • Some of our staff has personally been involved in actual deadly force encounters and shooting situations.
  • We have received accommodation from the US Department of Defense for employment of military personnel and reservist.
  • We have trained well over 10,000 CPL applicants since 2001.
  • Pro-female shooting organization with the Chief Instructor's wife and two daughters, all being firearms instructors.
  • We are certified to train not only students, but instructors as well.
  • We offer free TASER training (and discounted TASER prices) to past students if they want to purchase one in the future.
  • Past students are allowed to accompany friends and family members who are attending a class on a future date, at no additional charge.
  • Most of our competitors have been "trained" and/or "employed" by us prior to starting their own firearms training business. What they learned, they learned from us!
  • All around DAMN GOOD GROUP of guys and gals!

"Why choose us"
... for your CCW / CPL Training

Viper Security Enforcement Inc.
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